9 Best Image Compression Tools to Reduce Image Size and Boost E-commerce Sales

Reduce Image Size and Boost E-commerce

October 6, 2020

Image size plays a vital role in determining the website’s performance. In addition, it determines the SEO factor on search engines.

E-commerce websites use thousands of images for their entire product range. Naturally, uploading too many images without compromising the size hurts the performance. Customers often find it disturbing when your site loads slower due to high-volume images. Thus, you get a bounce rate higher than your sales rate.

Therefore, you need to optimize product images in terms of their sizes. To get more traffic and reduce the bounce rate, there is no alternative to image compression. However, professional photo editing tools like Adobe Photoshop reduces image size and preserve the quality at the best possible ways. But, not everybody can afford that. Plus, when there are so many free tools available for the image compression why go for paid ones?

Here is a list of free image compression tools to reduce your image size yet preserve quality for website use.

1. Kraken.io

Kraken can be your best image compression tool if you have bulk photo volumes.

Unlike most other image size reduction tools, it allows you to compress a significant amount of images, for free. But, not for a long time. After all, it is created for a business purpose.

However, you can get the lightest pictures using this tool. This tool supports JPG, PNG, and GIF formats. Once compressed, you can download the whole batch of photos in the zip format. You can download them one by one; that’s up to you.

In addition, it allows you to import and export to cloud drives directly. You can explore advanced features in the paid versions as well. image size reduction tools

2. JPEG Optimizer

JPEG Optimizer is an online image size optimization tool that compresses only JPEGs.

This might be a limitation of this tool; still, its productivity is something to count on. Along with compressing the volume of the images, it also resizes the image if you say so. It is quite easy to use and offers a wide range of options to compress your images.

3. Compress Now

Compress Now is an outstanding image size reduction tool that allows bulk volumes like Kraken.

Much like Kraken, it offers JPEG, GIF, and PNG size conversion. But you need to set the compression percentage by yourself to get the best shots. Once you have uploaded your images (maximum 10 images at a time) you are ready to go. Just drag the photos from your storage and sat the compression percentage.

4. Image Recycle

Image Recycle is a name of love for e-commerce entrepreneurs. Not only you can compress your product images efficiently you can also check if any of your images need optimization.

You can compress your PNG, JPG, GIF, and even PDF images into smaller sizes. Moreover, you can use the available plugins for convenient compressions. You can use the Shopify app, WordPress plugin, Magneto extension, and Joomla extension of ImageRecycle to compress images instantly.

With a flexible range of paid plans, you can use the free version as well. images need optimization

5. Optimizilla

Optimizilla is good for preserving quality while it compresses your images.

Only available for JPEG and PNG formats. The good point is you have the option to view the loss in the quality. You can determine how far you want to go concerning the quality from the cool slides.

However, you have the limit to upload 20 images for compression. But, the quality will put a smile on your face.

6. Compressor.io

Compressor.io is another image compression tool that never lets go of the quality.

You can reduce the size of the images to the maximum point yet have an amazing quality. The range it offers is quite flexible and you can compress your JPEG, PNG, GIF, and guess what, SVG files using it. You can minimize up to 90% of your image size through this amazing tool of image compression.

7. Tiny PNG

Tiny PNG is so common among the image compression tools that you most probably have heard of it. It is a free image compressor and one of the oldest.

You can only compress your JPEG and PNG files through this tool.

To make things easier, you can add WordPress plugin as well as Magento extension to compress images quickly.

reduce the size of the images to the maximum point

8. Resize Photos

Resize Photos helps you to compress your images for web use. It has a predetermined range between 1 and 100 to compress images according to your choice.

In addition, it offers a good range of effects including borders, shadows, round corners, captions, and reflections.

9. Online Image Optimizer

Online Image Optimizer optimizes your images for better web performance. It also offers the size conversion for a good number of formats.

In addition, you can change your image formats for contextual use. Though it doesn’t offer multiple options and often restricted to a small number of image optimization, it is quite handy and above all, free to use.

 Resize Photos helps you to compress your images for web use.

Bottom line—
Larger image size impacts your web performance. It makes your website loading time high. Customers don’t like waiting and often they bounce out to other online vendors. So, to make sure your customers stick with your web store, you need to reduce the image size yet not lose quality. Various online image optimization tools can minimize the file size for greater accomplishments. Except for the expensive offline image compression tools, you can do it for free online.

size impacts your web performance

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