Photoshop Image Masking

Photoshop Image Masking
Photoshop Image Masking

Photoshop Image Masking- The best solution for images that features hair or fur, at your doorstep

Photoshop Image Masking:

All most every consumer in today’s online market likes to see product presented on a white background. Ecommerce, retailer or photographer who work with many clients might not always get the chance to shoot product on a pure white background. It gets much worse if the subject has a hair or fur. Some images have uneven edge or some images almost blended with the background, flyaway hair for example or a Christmas tree where general background removing technique is not appropriate to use. In this case removing the subject from the background is challenging and image masking is the only viable solution to keep every single detail of the hair or the leaves of the tree. As a business you don’t have to take all this hassle by yourself in your busy time as you can hand over this task to us for a high quality service.

Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching

What image masking really is?

Image masking is an advanced Photoshop image editing technique for removing background from an image that has hair or furry area inorder to keep every single detail of that hair or fur. This technique helps to capture the finer details of the hair, which cannot be achieved by other Photoshop tool or technique like clipping path. Although a rough path is necessary to perform the masking. A highly skilled professional hand, patience and time are essential to bring out the best result in this service, which we are offering in clipping path studio India.

It is the essential action for transforming an image. Image masking is used in conjunction with clipping path methods. Advanced Photoshop Image masking service is useful when only clipping path method will not be appropriate for hair, wool or semi-obvious or translucent images like glasses, smokes, feathers, flames, highlights, lights, chiffon and delaine/fur etc. This process is labour instance but the output is worth the effort. It will help your product stand out of the crowed.

If you like to do it yourself or want to get the best result, you have to understand few important Photoshop techniques that are available. You have to use background eraser tool as well as colour separation technique or both in order to get perfectly edited image that will elevate the image of your online store. It is very important to maintain consistency of the editing and product when presenting online. This is vital when using third party sites like amazon and ebay, you have to abide by their product photo guidelines.

Who needs image masking service?

If you need the background to be removed from an image that features hair or fur, image masking will generate more accurate and cleaner result. Ecommerce, retailers and photographers, who are juggling with multiple clients, for getting a white background can hand over the job to us while concentrating on the own business growing instead of countless hours editing photos.

Whether the images are for print or digital use attention to details must be reflected in all edited photos. Image masking helps to isolate the product and also helps to remove any distraction on the frame. Consumers always like to see better and eye catching picture, so your client may be repulsed by poorly done photos. This process helps to build a uniform and consistent look across all products, which will help to create a brand value and brand loyalty for digital world or for traditional businesses.

Whether you have a single image or a large batch or you have a tight schedule we are here to offer you the best possible image masking service with a competitive price.

When to choose image masking:

When the subject has a fuzzy edge like a blanket for example. Or portrait image where the hair detail needs to be kept, image masking is the only viable solution.

When the product is transparent like drinking glass, and also the background needs to be seen through, image masking is the only option.

When to avoid image masking:

When the product has a sharp edge or solid edge, masking technique should be avoided. Our clipping path and background remove service is recommended in this case.

When the product colour and background colour are same.

Types of image masking:

Photoshop Hair Masking:

Pineapple Photoshop hair masking is applicable for the images which have curves, thinner lines, soft edges, hairs, furs, etc. This kind of masking is time-consuming and hard to do. It has to be done very carefully. Image of hairy dolls, models, flesh, clothes, and furry animals needs this type of masking service.

Layer Masking:

Layer masking is, in fact, hide or reveal a part of an image. It can also change the opacity of various portions of the same image. This editing service enables to change the visibility of different layers of an image.

Clipping Mask Photoshop:

Pineapple People who do not have the idea of masking may get confused by clipping and layer masks. Clipping mask Photoshop is done by creating a layer to control the visibility or transparency of another layer. One supporting layer is placed at the bottom to perform actions on the other layer to change the visibility or transparency.

Alpha Channel Masking:

Sometimes removing the background or extracting the main image and save it separately may require editing them later. To do this kind of critical editing Alpha Channel Masking is used. It is the combination of clipping path and image masking.

Image masking at clipping path studio India

Images are always unique and different than each other. Different images require different operation to get the best out of it. That is why we spend time carefully analysing every single photo to understand the most suitable approach to take while editing. Some cases background erasing tool plays an important role but most of the cases a high quality image need more than one tools or techniques. Multiple other techniques like channel mask, colour separation clipping path are also used or a combination of all technique are being used to get a smooth, sharp edge with every tinny detail.

We have been providing image-masking service for many years. Our highly skilled designers are familiar with all types of image masking needs. They apply technique based on requirement of the image rather than using the same technique all the time. For example portrait image with a black hair and that were taken on a black background need extra attention and skills to isolate from the background. Our sole focuses are on quality and providing our client the satisfaction they desire.

All our work here is done by hand and no automation is used in any part of our work. We ensure the right quality and consistency no matter if it is single image or a bulk quantity.


Photoshop Image Masking
Photoshop Image Masking

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