Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service
Ghost Mannequin Service

Ghost Mannequin Service- The perfect technique that goes very well with clothing catalogues and so on

Ghost Mannequin Service:

Image that will bring the product to life is essential to generating sales. Especially to fashion retailer it means having a real people wearing the product. Product photographers, retailers or ecommerce often use mannequin to show almost all garment product such as shirts, jackets, trouser etc. Mannequin enables the garments to keep its shape making clients understand how the clothing would look when it is worn. But they don’t want to show the mannequin on their online shop and consumer also doesn’t want to see the mannequin on the clothing while shopping online. That is where the ghost mannequin service comes in. whether you need the entire mannequin to be invisible from an image or just in the neck area or in a particular joint we offer you the best professional service.

Neck joint manipulation

How to add ghost Mannequin:

In order to add ghost mannequin to your image you will first need an image taken with mannequin and one without mannequin then put the two-image together. Now the apparel look as though there is an invisible mannequin wearing it.

When to use ghost mannequin:

  • If you want to show back and front of a garment at the same time or a 360 degree view of the product.
  • If you want to cut down costing for hiring a live model.
  • To show inside of the garment for viewing the brand name.

  • Types of invisible ghost mannequin effect

    Neck joint manipulation:

    Neck joint (Ghost Mannequin) is a creative product photo editing service, which we generally apply on garments items like T-shirts, shirts, pants, sweaters etc. A photographer takes two or three views of an image with ghost or mannequin like front view, back view or inner view (partial view). Our experts use the inner view of image to create the neck part & make a complete view like the real image.

    Now a day's Neck joint Service becomes popular in online shopping mall, because they need the complete view of garments. They shot new arrivals garments & send us the images, we perform the images as their instructions & turnaround, and after words they use the images in their web shop. Neck Joint is popular with commercial publishing company, online garments shopping mall, web shop, buying house, and Garments & Textile supplier & so on. Our Neck Joint Service operatives are able to work to an exacting & highly detailed brief of our clients for even flawless images & can create impressing result.

    Bottom joint Manipulation:

    Some apparels have its back part longer than front and the bottom needs to be seamlessly connected to the rest of the item. This service is generally used for long tail garment like tuxedo or the extra long t-shirt.

    Sleeve joint manipulation:

    This service is requiring when you need to add bottom part of the long sleeve after removing the mannequin. It creates an illusion that the invisible mannequin still wearing the long sleeve t-shirt.

    Ghost Mannequin Service at clipping path studio India

    We have been providing ghost mannequin service for many years. We apply technique based on requirement of the image rather than using the same technique all the time. Our expert designers are capable of all kind of image manipulation service. Whether the image is shot using a transparent mannequin or a non-transparent mannequin we will work on your image to achieve the most natural looking image. We will bring your product to live.



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