E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service- Boost your online sales with perfectly resized, trimmed images and get high quality, professional-looking image that create a great first impression!

E-Commerce Photo Editing Service:

In todays busy life consumers are shifting from traditional outlet to online shopping. The trend is increasing day by day and it is creating a huge opportunities for e-commerce business. E-commerce product photo-editing services are helpful for all kinds of e-commerce product. Good looking photo worth million. Good-looking product is very important for online business. It helps to grab customer attention and at the same time plays an important role for further business development. You may don’t have enough time, the right team or the bandwidth to edit your e-commerce photos in-house. And if you have lot of products, it’s not very uncommon to have thousands of product photos that needed to be edited. Selling on different marketplaces, each with their own requirements makes the job even bigger. Our e-commerce product editing service can offer you the best image editing service within the industries. There are other service providers out there, but we can assure you that you will get consistent looking and the best possible service from us with a competitive price.

E-Commerce Photo Editing

Things to be considered for E-commerce product Photos

There are many ways and varieties of tools are used to optimize product images but there is something that you should consider which will bring the most success while selling online.

Good-looking product:

From last couple of years consumers are shifting from traditional outlet to online shopping and the trend is increasing day by day. So, it is important to have high quality and good-looking product photo to attract potential customer. Clipping or deep etching the product from its original background using clipping path service will help you to place the product on your desire background. A decent view, right position of the product equally plays an important role attracting consumers. Removing unnecessary elements and correct sizing is also important for e-commerce product.

Consistency of the product:

Online have created an opportunity to the consumers to compare their product and pricing with other competitor just only with a click. So, the competition has become higher than before and making sure good and consistent looking product is there has become inevitable. Most of the consumers like to see the product on a white background. Removing background and using a white background can create that consistency. Also centring and straitening the product is important to generate traffic and influence consumer for making buying decision.

Colour correction and variant:

Sometime image suffers for low light and lack of brightness and contrast. It is important to have brightness and contrast adjustment. The image needs to have more bright and realistic looking by increasing the colour temperature that will attract customer to buy the product. It is very important in ecommerce business to have perfect colour and brightness adjustment because other rival could have it right and if you don’t have it you could loose business.

Product retouching

Colour variants service is helpful if you’re adding a new colour to an existing product line. You may not have enough time or budget to shoot all of the product variants or you don’t have access to images of the different colour options. Regardless of the reason, colour variant services can save your valuable editing time but also can create a positive customer experience.

Noise reduction:

Images can have an unclear and blurry look, which can be eliminated by colour noise reduction. Professional designer focuses on creating an impressive looking image. Noise reduction and right background makes product photography more alluring to the customer and it helps them to make buying decision.

Product retouching:

Image retouching service plays an important role in e-commerce business. Product like Jewellery product, clothing, beauty product accessories often require retouching before putting them online. Dust and scratches on product can ruin a product or a brand impression. So it is very important to get them remove. Wrinkle or creases often seen on the clothing and it is very challenges for the retailers. Even after all the hard work that has been done avoiding them while taking shot but they don’t always go fully and perfectly. We can remove those undesirable wrinkles without loosing natural texture of the clothing.

Product retouching

Ghost mannequin service:

Mostly useful for e-commerce and apparel product photography. Ghost mannequin service has reduced the necessity of using the real human being to display product, which is quite often very expensive. We provide you quality ghost mannequin service at an affordable price.

File Size:

When it comes to Search engine optimization (SEO) and user friendly website file size plays a major role. Product image that are too big to load and loads very slowly are sometime annoying to the customer and it could turn them down to your site and influence them to go to the competitors. This also hearts your SEO capabilities, as faster pages are easier for search engine index. However, we are offering you the solution for your image resizing issue with our expert hands.

Product photo editing at clipping path studio India

If you are looking for a company who provide Product Image Editing Services including Cropping, Resizing, Straightening and formatting for publishing on website or any advertising purpose at affordable cost with top quality then Clipping path studio India is the best solution for you. Our professional designers have number of years of experience providing a wide range of product photo editing service.

We edit every image by hand in order to make sure the best service for our customers. We have years of experience optimizing product photos for Shopify, amazon, ebay, Magento and more. We are well known for our working quality and we can help you to achieve your business goals at a reasonable price.



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