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Shadow Service

Shadow Service- A complete solution for your e-commerce and image drop shadow service needs

Shadow Services:

Drop shadow effect is the graphical effect that can create and mimic the look of an actual shadow. After removing the background of an image using clipping path, the image may not look how you want them to. Especially if the image is a furniture product or vehicle, machinery product or any other product, without shadow the object will look floating rather than sitting on the surface. Our designers resolve that situation using the Drop Shadow effect to create a shadow to your liking. It looks natural, and beautiful with its smooth edges. Give us your instructions on how you want your shadows we will do the rest. Our specialist will use the most advanced blending and softening technique to fulfil your expectations.

Shadow Service

When to choose shadow effect service:

  • If you want to add depth and texture to your flat image.
  • If you want to distinguish a product from background. For instance white colour product on a white background.
  • If you want a consistent and uniform look to your product for online store, catalogue etc. For example model image will look floating on white background if shadow not being added.
  • If you want making your product look natural and realistic.
  • Retain existing shadow for a new background.
  • Types of shadow effect that we offer

    Shadow effect can make a huge difference when it comes to an images natural look. Shadow effect adds character, context, depth and texture to any object in a remarkable way that can create a very good first impression. Clipping path studio India offers all sort of shadow service including drop shadow, existing or cast shadow, floating shadow to suit your needs.

    Drop shadow:

    Generally a drop shadow is created right under the main object to give a natural look. The main object appears slightly raised above the surface and creates a natural looking shadow underneath. This type of shadow can also be created from any side or angle. For example creating shadow for model image.

    Existing or cast shadow:

    Often objects naturally create their own shadow and photographer or online retailer wants to keep that shadow but that shadow need to be edited because of the dust or they want to put the object in a different background. Whatever the preference is, you can preserve that natural shadow by us with correct level of opacity and transparency.

    Floating shadow:

    Floating shadow is another type of shadow that is offered by clipping path studio India. This type of shadow is needed when the object is not on the solid ground and it appears to be hanging. Generally this type of shadow is used for ecommerce product along with a white background.

    Shadow Service

    Shadow Service

    Drop Shadow service at clipping path studio India:

    Integrating a shadow into a photo may sound easy, but precision is the key to achieve the most natural look. If the shadow is done poorly it could damage brand reputation and presentation of the product. It could also loose trust of the customer.

    Our Photoshop Shadow Effect experts can perform a myriad of techniques from mirroring to reflecting, creating artificial shadows, or a simple yet striking drop shadow effect with each its own distinctive output. Our editors utilize the most advanced blending and softening techniques to create natural, cast or reflection shadow effect. Shadow size, angle, distance, hardness are adjusted accordingly to the highest accuracy.

    We know each product is different and the light comes from different direction is different. So, the shadow needs to be different too for each product. We treat every image individually to understand the light balance and create shadow accordingly, so that your product shines. No matter how simple or complex the image or how large or small your order is you will receive highest level of attention for your product image.


    Shadow Service
    Shadow Service
    Shadow Service
    Shadow Service

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