Color Variant & Color Correction Service

Color Variant & Color correction Service
Color Variant & Color correction Service

Color variant & Color correction service-The best color variant & color correction service provider for your e-commerce business.

If you have multiple ranges of product and shooting the entire range is time-consuming and expensive. For e-commerce retailers, it is not always feasible to shoot every single variant of the product because of the budget and time constraint. With the help of online photo color variant service you can create a variety range of product only shooting a single image. And for a photographer, it saves valuable post-processing time. Color variants or photo color correction service is helpful if you are adding a new line into your existing product category.

There are various options to change color of an image in Photoshop

What is color Variant:

Color Variants is a technique when the subject of an image color is manipulated to a different color. This helps the online retailer to show their entire range of product without spending too much money and time shooting every single product line especially when you have lots of product to show.

How to do color variant:

There are various options to change color of an image in Photoshop but generally; there are three different methods, which allow us to do the job perfectly. You may have an online retail store where you want to show all the variant of your product to the customer or simply you want to see how you look like on a different color dress or how your car will look like on a different color. Whatever the reason you can do this in Photoshop following the three simple steps.

Using color replacement tools

In Photoshop toolbar there is a tool called brush tool and in the brush tool, there is an option called color replacement tool. This tool will let you change color of an object from an image easily without having any trouble. This tool, however, not the most advance level tool to change color of an object but it works well for a simple project and it is very easy to understand.

Hue-saturation adjustment

Alternatively, hue saturation adjustment layer can be used to change the color of an object. This can be done by making a mask around the object first and then clicking the colorize checkbox and then adjusting the hue.

On-image adjustment tool

Color changing can also be done selecting On-image adjustment tool in the properties panel and click a color in the image and then drag right or left to increase and decrease color saturation. Then hold the ctrl to change the hue.

The benefit of offering choice through variants to the online customer

We all like the option to choose from while shopping online. Here are some of the benefits of product variants from a customer point of view.
Consumers always look for an easy to navigate and organized online store. Color or product variant makes it easy for them to navigate and choose from. They don’t have to consider the complexity of the inventory.
Variation increases product appeal. If a product comes with a various option consumer can easily get what they exactly want and it increases consumer satisfaction.
From product variation consumer can get personalize purchasing option. Offering a varied range of color option means the consumer can interact more with the product before making a buying decision.

Color correction service

Color correction is the process of editing image color. Sometime an unwanted colorcast might spoil the image. The image might have taken in the low light condition or the color of the image looks dull. Whatever the image condition is the goal of color correction service is to make the image look better. Some refer color correction service as a color grading service and it is the process of making changes of the color, adjusting the brightness and contrast and removing color imperfection.

Color correction service for the photographe

Who need online image color correction service

Color correction service for the photographer:

Sometimes an expensive camera doesn’t always gruantiee a good photo. They need postproduction. In another word the image need modification. They might need color balance, brightness and contrast adjustment or adjusting the blurry effect or correcting the shiny or glow effect.

Wedding photo color correction:

Wedding is a great part of everybody’s life. The newlywed couple always tries to keep their memories in a frame. That is why photo color retouching has become an essential part of wedding photography now a day. The picture may suffer from different sort of color related problem like low light condition or glair in the image that makes the image some sort of smoky look. At clipping path studio India we can resolve this problem by using Adobe Photoshop or Adobe lightroom.

Portrait photo color correction:

Color correction or color grading is the fanciful way to increase portrait photography appealing and if it is done accurately it can drastically change the overall appearance of a portrait image. Without proper color grading the image might look flat and your image could end up looking amateurish even if the photo were taken by an expensive camera or by an experienced photographer. Color correction service can completely change the visual tone of an image. In clipping path studio India we offer portrait image color correction service online at an affordable cost by adjusting curves, hue/saturation, levels, white balance, contrast and noise.

Glamour color correction:

Glamour color correction is an advance Photoshop image editing technique where skin tone issues are resolved and artificial makeup is added to increase the beautification of the model. It gives the image a completely new look. Glamour color retouching is needed for the magazine, advertising industries, fashion industries, catalogue, etc.

E-commerce product photo color correction:

Image plays a significant role in the e-commerce business. The market size of the e-commerce business was 2.3 trillion in 2017 and predicted to grow 4.5 trillion in 2021. In order to attract more customers, you have to have a good-looking product image. To get a high-quality product image every online business are now opting for online color Correction Company like Clipping Path Studio India. Color correction can fix any inappropriateness of the image like background light condition or even out the light exposure. But all you need is an expert hand like us.

Color variant & Color correction service in Clipping Path Studio India

The question remains why should you choose us among thousands of online image editing service provider? We should be in your first choice because we have set up a standard in the image editing industry by providing our customer professional image editing services. We have expert designers who are cable of doing the best image editing service including color variants and color correction online service for you. Before we do any task we will discuss with you every detail to match your taste. Our goal is to keep your vision through our editing. We work closely with our customers to ensure that their personal style or preference is reflected in our editing. We are in this business a couple of years now and we are becoming confident and efficient every day. We offer 24/7 supports and an affordable cost. No matter how many images you have we treat every image the same way.



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