Clipping Path Service

Clipping Path and Background Remove Service
Clipping Path and Background Remove Service

Clipping Path Service – The best solution for isolating object from background

What is clipping path?

Clipping path also well-known as deep etching, image cut out or closed vector path is an essential service for all types of web based company that promotes web business like E-commerce business, online shop, design shop etc. Basically, clipping path is the process of drawing a line around the object in Photoshop. Everything within the line or path is included in the final cut and anything outside of it is removed. One of the advantage of clipping path is it allows to manipulate the background of a subject. This technique is much helpful while creating a white background when selling online to draw attention to the customers.

Clipping path also well-known as deep etching

What is multi clipping path?

Multiple clipping paths also referred, as ‘multi path’ is another form of clipping path. Generally it means multiple path within the same object of an image. It is also done using Photoshop pen tool but attention to detail is very important here. Multipath is needed to select individual area so that the colour of that particular area can be changed. For example if you want to change colour of clothing of a model image then multi clipping is necessary to perform this activity.

Who need to have clipping path or Deep etching service?

In today’s digital world many individuals and companies need clipping path service. Clipped images are also used in Posters, brochure, flyers, catalogues, websites, newspaper, magazines, photo agency, advertising and many other different regions where images are used smoothly. Best clipping path is defined, as structure to make sure quality based clipping path must depend on Photoshop pen tool. Many e-commerce sites and entrepreneurs use this service mainly for better marketing conversions and high-resolution display.

When to choose clipping path service?

When an image needs removing background and has a solid edge. Furniture, shoes, jewellery product, clothing, kitchen appliances for instance. Clipping path will allow the cut out object to have a clean and crisp edge and it will look natural when putting on a white background or in a different colour background. If an image need hiding background without removing the background completely. This is much useful when designing catalogue in InDesign.

Clipping path also well-known as deep etching

When multi clipping path is needed within the same object in order to select individual area. This action will help to change the colour of the selected area if needed. For example if someone wants to change colour of a shirt, pant and shoe at the same time then he/she must choose multi clipping path service.

When to avoid clipping path service?

If an object or a product have hairy or furry area then it is always better to avoid clipping path. Instead Photoshop masking technique needs to be applied. For example a blanket or a model image. If clipping path is applied in the hair area of a model then the hair will look unnatural and unrealistic after removing background.

Clipping path service at clipping path studio India

At clipping path studio India we know how important is to edit image that look like it was never been edited. We know you are up to quality clipping path and photo cut out so customer will buy your product and love your image. We hand draw every clipping path or photo cut out using Photoshop pen tool so that the attention to details are kept, it is impressive and make sure it is a realistic looking image.

Our highly skilled and well-trained designers are having number of years of experience in a wide range of design service including deep etching and clipping path service. We accurately zoom the image up to 300-400% while drawing path to ensure we get sufficient anchor point, so the natural shape of the object is retained. We are a bit different than other service provider because we don’t rely on automation of our clipping paths. We don’t use Magic Wand tool for clipping out images because it could ruin your brand reputation. Because the quality of the edited image is nowhere near what we offer with our hand drawn clipping path service. Our commitment to deliver perfect clipping path service is to help you meet your tight deadline and budgets and also the quality of image editing can stand out of the crowd.



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