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Image background removal service - Remove your image background for a cleaner and uniform look.

Every potential e-commerce retailers and photographers know the importance of product photography. When it comes to consumer images plays an important role in making a buying decision. According to experts, most consumers want to see at least 3 images of a product while shopping online and other biggest complaint is product colours are not the same when they receive them. A study suggests that 78% consumer like to see more photos of the product and also like to see them on a pure white background. But accruing all these high-quality images could be a challenge and time-consuming. So, save your time and handed this job over to an expert image background removal service provider like Clipping path Studio India and concentrate growing your business.

What is background remove service?

Background removal service is a Photoshop technique, which is used to remove unwanted background from an image. Think you shoot a product image where a number of other substance exist in the image which you never want to show or you want to put the object on a pure white background. This technique will help you out to fulfill your desire. This way you could have a cleaner and crisper looking image. This is very important while publishing photos on eCommerce website or listing. Giant online retailer like Amazon, eBay, Alibaba recommended or even require product photos on a white background. Not only eCommerce site that needs remove background service but also photography industry, Fashion industry, magazine and newspaper industry, printing, marketing, advertising industry also require this service. Even if you want to promote your product or services on a social media platform like Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, etc you also need to have the benefit of background removing service. With more than 8 years of experience, we offer you the best background removal service within the image editing industries. We use hand-drawn clipping path or masking technique or both while remove background from image. We keep every last detail of your image and compel the consumer to buy the product or services.


How to remove background from image in Photoshop?

There are several ways to remove picture background. Different techniques and tools are applied depending on the subject of an image and how skilful photo editors are performing the task. In Clipping Path Studio India we apply clipping path to get rid of background if the image has a solid or smooth edge for a precise cut out image. If the image has a hair or furry area we use both clipping path and advance masking technique.

Clipping path to remove Background from image:

Clipping path is a Photoshop technique that is used to remove background of an image. In Photoshop there is a tool called ‘pen tool’. Pen tool is used to select the subject and cut out it from the background. You can find pen tool in the toolbar or by pressing p in the keyboard. After selecting the tool you have to draw an outline around the subject and make a selection. Then press Cntr +Shift+I to select the background. After that press, Cntr + Delete to remove the background. Clipping path is a time-consuming and hard-working job. A poorly done path can turn the image into an unnatural looking image. Clipping path can be applied to a product like clothing, furniture, Jewellery, vehicles, etc.

Image background remove service using Quick selection tool:

From toolbar magic wand tool can be chosen to select the subject to remove the background of an image but the final result might not be satisfactory. Because by using this tool the image might lose quality. In clipping path Studio India we only use hand-drawn clipping path to ensure best quality background removal service.


Advance Photoshop Masking to remove background from image:

Image masking is another way to remove the background. It is done with a variety of tools and technique. For instance background eraser tool, colour separation technique or magic eraser tool. Removing background from an image this way will be helpful when the subject has small details and fuzzy areas such as a sweater, fur on the animal skin or human hair. The success of this technique also depends on a few other factors. Such as if the image is very complex and has a shadow or multiple colour backgrounds then need to use a combination of clipping path and masking technique.

Who needs Background remove service:

Product photographer or any e-commerce retailer can be benefitted from this service. It allows them to isolate the product and remove any distraction from the frame. It helps to create a uniform and consistent look of the product on the website which can stand out of the crowd. Other industries like printing also heavily depend on this service. For example creating a catalogue, flyers, brochure, etc. Other business like manufacturers fashion, different companies also need this service.


When image background removal service is required:

    If you want to remove unwanted object from an image

    If you want to make background transparent

    To change the background colour of an image

    To have a uniform background for all images. Especially for bulk quantity images.

    If you need to have shadow or reflection in your image

    To smooth the edge of an image

    If you need to create a 360-degree effect of your product

    If you need to remove dummies or mannequin from apparel.

Background remove service for fashion industries

Clipping path Studio India provides best quality photo background removal service for fashion industries. If you need your clothing photos look amazing on magazine or on your won website then you should choose this service. By this service you could put the apparels on a white background or any other background that suits your business needs. Apart from background removal service you might also need crease retouching on the clothing or skin retouching on models. You can check out our Retouching service for this. You might also be interested to create some shadow under the clothing or under the feet of a model. You can also visit out shadow creating service.

Photo background removal service for eCommerce business:

Most of the eCommerce platform like ebay, Amazon, shopify has a strict guideline for images. Retailers are also finding this easier to use these channels to reach to the wider audience. Forbes suggests that more than 300000 US small and medium size businesses sell their product on Amazon. So, if you want to grab this opportunity you should follow their image optimization guidelines. Our designers know exactly the image optimization requirements for different eCommerce platforms. All you need to do is to send your all images to us and we will handle this.

Background removing service for small business

If you are a small business and would like to sell products on your own website then this service also essential for you. If you want to show your product on a pure white background or on a custom background with specific image size then please contact us and we will do everything for you from remove background to resizing with an affordable cost. No matter the image quantity. You will get a uniform background removal service from us for all your images.

Image background removal service for product photographer

When it comes to background removing service. Attention to detail is essential. You need perfectly done photo cut out so the consumer like the product. For product photographer having a busy time shooting hundred and thousands of images and getting a white background on all images can be trouble some job. So, we are here to help you with our background removal service so that you get the best quality editing with a quick turnaround time.

Get in touch with the best background removal service provider

We have been working with a broad range of editing tools and mastering various methods. We use different technologies and constantly test various methods to improve our service quality. Clipping path Studio India works with professionally trained graphic designer who has many years of experience in this field. We zoom in the image to 300% to get the finest details of the image. All our work is done by hand and we do not use any automated software or tools. We can guaranty that you will get the best background removal service from us regardless the number of image you have.



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