Jewelry Photo Retouching: Avoid these mistakes to get more attention

Jewelry Photo Retouching: Avoid these mistakes to get more attention

June 19,2020

Confess it or not, jewelry items level up the sensuality that exists within you. And so, people look for the best looking jewelry items to decorate themselves with. Here lies the purpose of why you need the best jewelry items with the most lucrative outlook at your shop.

Whether you are selling jewelry products or shooting jewelry photos, jewelry photo retouching services can bring the look you’d want if you were the buyer.

However, poor jewelry photos don’t attract buyers. And so, businessmen prefer high-end images of their salable jewelry products. But turning a shabby jewelry photo into a grand one requires skill and dedication.

Why jewelry image retouching is so important?

Because, this is the part where most people fail.

Most of the mistakes they made in jewelry image post-production are due to the lack of preparation, improper attitude toward the market and so on.

However, success in an online jewelry business is largely dependent on the images used in the advertisement. Therefore, it is mandatory to put more attention to it from the beginning.

If you can ensure the gorgeousness of your displayed images you can certainly attract desired customers and can make desired sales.

In fact, a series of grand photos of your business listings can level up the brand value you already have. As a result, you will have more recognition along with the series of sales you want regularly.

In addition, jewelry photo editing and retouching are not like other photo treatment job. It requires special attention as a simple mistake can ruin the mood of the customer. It means a business opportunity is on the loose.

Jewelry items are way too sensitive to the way you present to your customers. That’s why it is essential to put much effort into the post-production. But it should start from the beginning when the photographer prepares to shoot.

What mistakes in jewelry photo retouching can put a threat on your business?

Not necessarily the editor is to blame entirely for the failure in jewelry photo post-production services. Like said before, it should be taken care of from the beginning.

The collaboration between the perfect snapping and the high-end jewelry image retouching can get you the best result.

However, the most common mistakes in professional jewelry photo retouching that we see are in the below:

For e-commerce product photos, prefer a white background.

Draft-less action or denying strict instruction:

In most cases, where we see a boring jewelry photo retouching output, we find ‘lack of preparation’ as a cause.

Unfortunately, it is not a rare case where the editors hardly care to follow the instruction provided. Consequently, it brings the most disastrous output.

Without a proper plan, it is almost impossible to execute something promptly. And in jewelry image editing, where everything is complex, any sort of draft-less action can bring loss to the photos as well as to the business.

Improper shadow optimization:

Shadow brings uniqueness to the products. In addition, customers’ likability increase when your product images are optimized with proper shadows.

But there are many cases where the editors fail to put shadows where necessary. Either they make it too large, dark or simply add where it is completely unnecessary. It points out that the image is post-processed by a non-professional editor.

To attract customers, you need to add shadows appropriately. Otherwise, it won’t bring logical benefit to your business.

Inappropriate background:

A photo studio is like a laboratory Background is vital and without any convincing background presentation, your items might not attract potential buyers.

Outsourcing to professional jewelry image retouching company can ensure you of the use of appropriate backgrounds to your product photos. Moreover, product photos become more lucrative if you put a white or suitable background behind them. Adding a noisy background can divert the buyers’ attention to something else making your items less significant.

It is not good for online business and unfortunately, many jewelry shop owners add too many props to their products ending up with distractive presentations.

Diversifying a series of photos:

Even though it is a common practice, it should be avoided totally. A product usually requires multiple photos that show different parts of it sequentially.
But adding different effects on them ruin the mood and make things complicated. It diverts the attention and the different appearance of the products on different photos makes them unattractive.

Presence of dummies:

Dummies or jewelry stands are used to shoot photos from different angles. But it also hides some parts of the products. As a result, customers fail to see what is on the hidden side of it.

It is a common mistake and to allow buyers to enjoy the full view, you should use ghost mannequin services to remove the dummies. You can also add the missing parts here. It puts the buyers at ease while they experience the products.

For e-commerce product photos, prefer a white background.

Presence of excessive reflection & blemishes:

Some jewelry photo retoucher thinks that the more the products reflects, the more they get the attention. But it is not true and inappropriate reflections make it difficult to observe the actual look of the products.

So, the reflections must be added moderately and you should keep an eye to the available blemishes and dust. The jewelry item should remain clean, sophisticated, properly edited and obviously, natural.

Jewelry photo retouching should follow a path that is directed to its neutrality, gentility, and authenticity.

Since the e-commerce buyers consider product’s photos as their only way to get intimated to the products, your full concentration should be on the sophistication of the images. And when it is for the jewelry items, sensitivity to the reflections and backgrounds should be given top priority. Keep a sharp eye to the mistakes so that your efforts don’t go in vain.

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