E-commerce in 2020: Hot Trends to Follow to Sell More


April 26,2020

The digital form of retail business, e-commerce what we say, is going to change a lot in 2020. In fact, it has changed the physical retail business revolutionarily.

The evolution has taken place based on the needs of the people. The technological innovation also made it possible to make e-commerce this advanced. From the beginning of e-commerce, it has gone through numerous changes. Each change shapes the way the customers interact and the dealers make themselves prepared.

2020 is no exception. With the rapid growth in artificial intelligence, augmented reality, and voice-based shopping policy e-commerce dealers need to change their operation strategy just to make sure the buyers are diverting to their stores.

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In addition, a mobile-based payment system has fueled the change in 2020 e-commerce. To make sure you are in the center of excitement and innovation, follow the below e-commerce trends of 2020 to grow your business rapidly.

Voice search and voice shopping:

We are quite familiar with the voice search option these days. It has been integrated into mobile devices a long time ago. And now we are seeing it on the laptops and PCs.

However, our productivity has increased due to the use of voice commands. Buyers are now using it to search for products in the store.So, integrate this system into your online shop's browsing experience to let your customers feel at ease.

Augmented reality:

In the past year, augmented reality has a great impact on e-commerce.

This year, it has increased to an upper level. Thousands of customers using this virtual assistant tool to interact with e-commerce products. It has successfully reduced the barrier that early e-commerce faced— not able to experience the products prior to buying.

Moreover, an estimation has shown that by 2022, 120000 stores will initiate their use of augmented reality technology to let customers interact more with the products.

Artificial intelligence Artificial intelligence:

Artificial intelligence or AI has become a new sensation in e-commerce.
In fact, you might be using this by now. Your e-commerce platform can significantly outrun the competitors if you have assistance from an AI agent.
Chatbots and interactive bodies can assist your consumers while you are away. Plus, it can create a lively ambiance within your online store.

Mobile-based payment system:
The medium of payment has become as flexible as possible. Financial organizations these days allow you to pay using your mobile devices. They have dedicated web application for that purpose. Again, you can do it by browsing on their websites.

Furthermore, a system of paying through a QR code scan has gained an appreciable position. The integration of these systems in your e-commerce store can add values and divert more customers.

Progressive web applications:
People are using web applications more than browsing through business websites.

Therefore, business organizations and e-commerce brands are developing dedicated applications to put things together yet making them easier to use.

With eye-catching UI, web applications are attracting customers more than ever.

So, if you are ready to take your e-commerce to the next level in 2020 get an application immediately. This trend is about to take over websites and you should focus on it too.

Visual commerce:

E-commerce trend E-commerce is all about making money by selling products. To do so, visual bodies play a significant role. Product images work as the main entity in converting customers.

But, day by day, the product photo only is becoming weak in acquiring customers. Now, visual is not only confined to the powerful presentation of the product images. It has spread to the house of the consumers as well.

From unpacking the products to wearing and using them on regular life, visual commerce covers them all. This new trend of e-commerce will make a difference in 2020 in customers’ buying decisions.

Social media management:

Social media has become much popular already and will grow rapidly in 2020.

Social networking platforms like Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Tiktok has become an e-commerce hub.

Shopify offers direct selling through social media accounts making them highly usable to online retailers. You need to have well-furbished social media accounts to get the maximum exposure.

In addition, interaction with buyers through social media has a great impact on e-commerce brands. Often this effort results in great sales.

Eco-friendly e-commerce strategy is on the rise:

People these days are way more conscious of the environment than before. They now prefer that shows support to the green earth.

As a matter of fact, products with environmentally supported materials will get more sales than the usual ones. Actually, after that Greta Thunberg issue last year, the world e-commerce is thinking about green more and more. And as a result, greater investment will come for the carbon-free products and business policies.

In conclusion:

As technology develops, customers grow newer choices in online shopping. So, staying updated to the latest trends means a lot to e-commerce and 2020 is no different.

With the adoption of the latest trends that are hot in 2020, you can really grow your business. To exploit advantages in this competitive market, you should keep an eye for the change around you; both in technology and customers’ preferences.

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