Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching- The only viable solution for removing dust, scratches, blemishes from an image with an affordable cost

Photo Retouching:

Photo retouching often referred as beauty airbrushing or Photoshop retouching. It is the process of editing and enhancing an image to make it more attractive. Not every photo comes with perfection no matter how skilfully the photo was taken. May be the perfect lighting was missing while shooting, or the product has unwanted dust and scratches on it or may be some blemishes and ugly spots were spotted after the photo was taken. There is always a room for improvement even the photo is taken with the most sophisticated cameras. If you work with products, model images, jewellery images, natural images, wedding photography, real estate images, photo-retouching service is a very essential part. Photoshop retouching service can help you to remove unsightly elements and imperfection to create a high quality professional looking image. Our professional experts team are capable of adding light to your images where the light is missing, remove skin blemishes, creases on clothing can be smoothen without loosing natural texture, redness on eyes can be eliminated, dent or tag can be removed.

Photo Retouching

Dust, spot and scratches removal

A photo shot without imperfection is rare. Dust and scratches can ruin a product or a brand impression. Dust and scratches can be found on the product itself as well as on the surface where the shot was taken. For example, factory machineries can have scratches and dust, unwanted stickers, which you don’t want to show. If you have all this issue on your photos you can hand over them to us for retouching to make those images look new again. Photo retouching can make them cleaner and great looking product again.

Wrinkle or creases on clothing

Apparel photography is about exhibiting the perfect shape. Wrinkle or creases often seen on the clothing and it is very challenges for the retailers. Even after all the hard work that has been done avoiding them while taking shot but they don’t always go fully and perfectly. We can remove those undesirable wrinkles without loosing natural texture of the clothing. We use right Photoshop tool depending the product nature.

Beauty airbrushing

Generally, beauty airbrushing is used in fashion industries that benefit celebrities and fashion retailers. With the help of Photoshop tools natural beauty of the models are enhanced. We delicately smooth out skin tone, remove spots and blemishes whitening teeth, change eye and hair colour.

Jewellery retouching

Jewellery is a precious metal but often its beauty cannot be matched by photograph. Jewellery has forever demand to women around the world. High quality jewellery not only makes you feel good but also it is the symbol of status. So, jewellery retouching plays an important role in today’s business. The edited jewellery must have to be eye catchy and attractive so that it can allure customer to buy the product. Photoshop retouching gives us the opportunity to make it easy for high end product. Our well-trained experts are capable of fulfilling your requirements and can provide you the best jewellery product retouching service. We use all kind of latest technique and innovative idea to bring out the best from an image, which will surely satisfy your customer. Whether it is ugly reflexion on the product, unwanted object, colour correction or dust removal you can rely on us for high-end jewellery retouching service.

Reflexion removal

Sometime bad reflexion can ruin an image. Whether it is on the eyeglass or on the window of a car or a camera reflexion on a product could damage the image completely. Small light reflection artefacts or lens flares frequently spoil photograph. Removing reflection from photograph is challenging because there are different type of reflection and each one require different approach. We treat every image differently based on their requirements. Our dedicated team can fix any type of reflection and can make the image stand out of the crowed.

Colour Variants service

Colour variant is when an image or part of it manipulated to a different colour. Colour variants service is helpful if you are adding a new colour to an existing product line. You may not have enough time or budget to shoot all of the product variants or you don’t have access to images of the different colour options. Regardless of the reason, colour variant services can save your valuable editing time but also can create a positive customer experience.

Image restoration Service

One of our well-known services is photo restoration service. We fix all kinds of photos, damaged by fire, light, water, mould etc. Just send us a part of the photo and get the original one. Our experts are well recognized in advance photo restoration Service. High quality service is the core principal of our work efficiency & we strictly follow it. Our dedicated team uses the latest high-end equipment & software to restore photographs for individuals, institutions & unforgettable occasion’s photos. Using digital technology, professionalism, experience we can gift you a copy of your damaged image that looks original.

Photo retouching service at clipping path studio India

A perfect image worth million and we how important it is for the business. Our team has a keen eye for details and experience for taking the right approach and using the right tools. Our graphic studio is ready to provide you retouching service 24/7. All you have to do is to send your project to us and relax. We will do everything we can to make you happy with our work.

So whether you need an idea about pricing, or need an urgent job done in a short notice, clipping path studio India here to help you. Our retouching specialists are capable of resolving any problem from a simple re-sizing to a total image manipulation. We offer 24-hour support, so you can ask any question and get an update about your job at any time. Our client includes individuals and professionals, like; photography studios, small business, press, graphic artists and advertising agencies from around the world. We fulfil each order by hand and we know slightest over editing can ruin an entire image. So we work relentlessly to make sure you have the right result.

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching

Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching

Spot Removal:

Spot removal is one of the most common tasks under photo retouching service. Well, photography doesn’t always depend on the camera or the person. Moreover, it may have spots. Well, retouching removes the spots easily and make the image look alluring.

Scratch Removal:

Products may have scratches. But it doesn’t look good and makes the photo poor. Product photo retouching services can remove the scratches to make it look new.

Camera Reflection:

Camera may reflect light coming from the other source. It makes the photo unattractive. Moreover, the photographer or camera setting cannot solve the problem. Therefore, retouching is the only option to get rid of this problem.

Clothing Wrinkles:

Photographers always find it difficult when they take photos of apparel items. The wrinkles of the clothing become an unavoidable problem for them. However, this problem can be solved by retouching service.

Photo Reshaping:

With the help of photo retouching services, editors are able to reshape the model’s body or face. They can also reshape products or other elements according to clients’ demand and give the photos a perfect look.

However, photo retouching services can be categorized into five basic different parts. They are Portrait retouching, Editorial retouching, Commercial product retouching, Beauty/Glamour retouching, and Manipulative/Creative retoucher.

What makes us special for wedding photo editing service?

Quality: We never compromise with the quality. In some cases, we prefer not to take orders if we find it difficult to ensure the best quality within the given time. We have teams for specific photo editing fields. They are skilled enough to handle the toughest case of wedding photo retouching. You are also allowed to use our “REDO” option until you are 100% satisfied. Time: We are time sensitive. We ensure the fastest possible delivery. We can even handle the tightest deadline as we have enough graphics designers working around the clock. Price: Well, we might not be the cheapest service provider in the market. But yes, we offer a reasonable price. We also offer discounts to our regular customers. Moreover, we use secure payment methods to ensure safety and guarantee. Besides, we also offer- Multiple and easy payment methods 24/7 customer support Over-the-phone support policy Quickest feedback


Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching
Photo Retouching

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